Diseases of the Kidney, Dialysis and Transplantation

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Meet Our Providers

Northwest Louisiana Nephrology physicians are Board Certified in Nephrology.  Several of our physicians are currently or have recently served as Directors of Nephrology at the area hospitals, including Willis Knighton Medical Center and Christus Highland.  Additionally, our physicians serve as the Medical Directors for the majority of the Fresenius Dialysis Centers in the area, as well as WK Outpatient Dialysis Center.  

Philip J. Garavaglia, M.D.                                        Marwan O. Kaskas, M.D., FASN, CPI                                  Srinivasa Iskapalli, M.D.

Robert N. McCoy, M.D.                                           Stephen R. Patton, M.D.

Sylvia D. Noble, M.D.                                               Raja I. Zabaneh, M.D., FACP

Michael D. Rokaw, M.D. FASN                               Sreedhara Alla, M.D.

Arnold E. Barz, M.D.                                                 Zulqarnain Abro, M.D.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are important members of the health care team.  Our Nurse Practitioners work under clinical protocols developed by our physicians for the purpose of caring for the practice's patients.  Our Nurse Practitioners provide both urgent and routine care depending on the situation while working closely with our physicians to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.  For more information about Nurse Practitioners please visit the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Mary M. Dowden, FNP-BC                             Kelli F. Jacob, ACNP-BC                    Donal Blake Smith, NP-BC                    Cassie Millier PA-C

Patricia T. Kennedy, FNP-BC                         Audrey R. Smith, ACNP-BC              Juliana Abreu, PA-C


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